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Pratum Coller: A project, an experience, an idea

18/05/2018 - Satisfied for his long and glorious career as a footballer, Andrea Pirlo has started a new challenge with the Pratum Coller. Passion for wine and nature has always been one of his personal traits, but here he became personally vine grower and entrepreneur in the enology world. He has started this in the province of Brescia, running a project were the quality and the uniqueness of wines combine with the company philosophy "man measured"; where words as organic, low environmental impact and biodiversity are at the centre of the project. An alternative experience, but really for this reason unusual and outstandingly innovative, he's managing this sided by a staff endowed with great experience, people who after many years of professional work have found new motivations in this project. Andrea Pirlo's company produces nearly 30 thousand bottles per year (white, red and rosč). In 2019 the sparkling wine will make its debut with two classic method: a rosč Pinot noir and a Brut produced with Chardonnay grapes. The Eos, a rosč with a mid structure, has been the first wine produced by the Pratum Coller, while among the other wines stands out the Nitor, a Tebbiano of Lugana finely aromatic with a good sapidity, and the Arduo, the top red wine of the company. The name of this wine (with means arduous) represents the motto of the family " reaching goals overcoming difficulties", the wine is intense, elegant produced with Sangiovese and Marzemino grapes with a little part of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon made in separated vinification, first in French barrique and then in iron.

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Nitor IGP Montenetto 2015
21.50 €
Nitor IGP Montenetto 2016
21.50 €
12 Bottles - Nitor IGP Montenetto 2016
232.00 €

1 Bottles - Eos Rosato IGP Montenetto 2015
14.00 €
1 Bottles - Eos Rosato IGP Montenetto 2016
14.00 €
12 Bottles - Eos Rosato IGP Montenetto 2015
141.00 €
12 Bottles - Eos Rosato IGP Montenetto 2016
141.00 €

Redeo IGP Montenetto 2012
18.50 €
Redeo IGP Montenetto 2008
24.50 €

Arduo IGP Montenetto 2015
28.00 €
Arduo IGP Montenetto 2016
28.00 €
Arduo IGP Montenetto 2015 - N. 12 Bottles
302.00 €
Arduo IGP Montenetto 2016- 12 Bottles
302.00 €

Marzģ 2016 - 0.75lt.
14.00 €

Monos 2016 - 0.375 lt.
21.00 €


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