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Müller Thurgau Alto Adige DOC

30/04/2018 - The Trentino Alto-Adige vine varieties benefits from ideal climatic an geological conditions: an Alpine temperate clime, with more than 300 sunny days during the year. The Alps at north protects the region from cold winds, while from south the warm currents from the Mediterranean Sea and the Garda Lake come to brush the vineyards. The high temperature excursions between the day and the night is an important factor to harvest perfectly mature grapes. Each vine variety deserve its own terroir: the volcanic one, the metamorphic rocks, the calcareous rocks and the dolomitics. This grounds variety allows both local and international vien varieties to find the best growth conditions. The Müller Thurgau is the result of a blend between riesling and Sylvaner. The bunch is thin, the grapes are green-yellow and very aromatic. A delicate walnut accent is its main peculiarity.

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Muller 1840 Alto Adige - H.LUN
11.60 €
Muller 1840 Alto Adige - H.LUN - N. 12 Bottles
125.00 €
Muller 1840 Alto Adige - H.LUN - Pallet 120 Bottles
1114.00 €


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