Italian Wine Ŕ un appronfodimento informativo di la boutique dei prodotti italiani di qualitÓ.
I would like to buy/order this wine 9.5 Gold White Brut but as I can see it is not possible . Can you reply to me how can I order this wine, I’m planing to buy 22 boxes.

User: Nadia ( 19/10/2017)
Category/Topic ASTORIA 9.5 NINE DOT FIVE

Can you ship to the USA?
User: marty Arenson ( 07/09/2017)
Category/Topic Amarone 2010 - 0.50 cl - CÓ Dei Maghi

I received a bottle of this wine as a present. The bottle was moved in the house by someone, and the Pirlo label that was attached to it has been lost. It is an important present and I wanted to keep the bottle with the label on it. Is there any chance that you could attach a copy of the label to an email, so that I could print out and replace the label?
Many thanks.

User: Peter Halliday ( 21/08/2017)
Category/Topic Arduo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo

Vorrei ordinare del Genepy Ottoz, ma vivo in America. Spedite per l'America questo prodotto?


User: Michele ( 03/07/2017)
Category/Topic GENEPY OTTOZ 0.70

I have 8 bottles of Sassicaia 2002 750 ml. Would you be interested in purchasing them?
If not could you let me know what they are worth.
David Osborne

User: ( 30/05/2017)
Category/Topic SASSICAIA 2002 1.5LT

The nicest & great quality prosecco at an unbelievable great price. Highly recommended!
User: Martin Dore ( 14/04/2017)
Category/Topic PROSECCO D.O.C.G. - LA MARCA

I am looking for La Marchietta sparkling wine. Made in italy. We had a bottle while on our honeymoon in anacapri at mama giovanna restaurant. We loved it and are looking to buy in the usa. Any help?
User: Kelly ( 02/01/2017)
Category/Topic Wine

Well worth the money, due to the famous and stylish owner it doesn't betray his class on and off the field.
User: ( 30/12/2016)
Category/Topic Redeo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo

Is Centre sold in Canada and if so, where can I buy it>
User: ( 24/12/2016)
Category/Topic CENTERBA TORO

What year is the Trebiano d@Abruzzo you are sellin?
User: Drinking ( 03/12/2016)

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