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Medici Ermete "The King of the Italian wines in the world; Lambrusco"

The Medici company has been producing an high quality Lambrusco and also other wines for a century. Everything was started by Remiglio, the forefather, who at the end of the 19th century funded a wine cellar to enhance the family's vineyards, which were located between the Emilia road and the first geographical features of the Enza valley. Reggio Emilia and Modena provinces are the temple of the Lambrusco. This land give birth to an incredibly satisfying wine, from who knows it to the ones who works it with passion. For the seventh consecutive year, the first and only Reggio Emilia company that has obtained the prestigious reward, the Concerto Lambrusco signed by Medici Ermete has been rewarded with the 3 glass by Gambero Rosso guide. With an annual production of almost 150 thousand bottles, the lambrusco Medici Ermete is nowadays present in some of the most prestigious wine houses and restaurant of the world, from the Michelin star restaurant to the London Harrods. Exactly one year ago it celebrates its twenty-year production.

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Tenute del Garda: "The vineyards where we cultivate our passion"

Very high quality and unquestionably fine wines are produced from the vineyards of the pleasant Valtenesi. On this fertile and sunny land, hit by the wind and wet by the rains at the right point, so to have a perfect and delicate climatic balance which make it unique in the world, have been harvesting delicious grape from time immemorial, here the doc Garda Classic wines, like the well known Groppello which is a researched local red-berry vine variety , have their origins.

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Rocca Delle Macýe: unsere Weine, Geschichte einer Leidenschaft

The history of "Rocca delle Macýe"has always been characterized by a solid link with the territory but also with the innovation and research aimed to the improvement of the quality. Its Success is firstly funded on a careful job with low yield per hectare, the pruning made during the summer and a grape harvest guided by a skilled expert. Both the working phases in the vineyard and in the wine cellar have been evolving and renewed during the passing of the years and nowadays we unite the tradition with the newest technologies and techniques.

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Aldo Clerico: Fine,velvety,full-bodied and undiscussed high quality wines

A great wine is born from the right lay of the land, the vineyards are exposed towards south, this gives them an ideal microclimate. Moreover the careful attentions dedicated to the maintenance of the vineyard and above all the sacrificial thin out of the bunches during the period before the grape harvest. This process is necessary in order to guarantee the right and complete maturations of the grapes. The vineyards, 6 hectares owned by the company, have always been cultivated with passion and expertise by the grandfather and the parents, now they're cultivated by Aldo who represents the third generation with his renewed passion and rigorous respect of the territory. They are placed mostly in the district of Monforte Alba, in the middle of the Barolo production area, zone of the birth of the Dogliani,

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Vigna di Pettineo: Biologic wine with the total respect of nature

Vigna di Pettineo is a biologic project in constant evolution in which the origins of the territory, the research on the field and the respect for the environment are the bases of the philosophy of the company. We don't want only to produce a biologic wine, we have wanted to produce it respecting the nature. To obtain this result we have introduced some practices among which the respect of the biodiversities, the grassing, the use of vegetal coal., the re-use of rain water and the production of electric energy from renewable sources. The biodiversity is not the simple sum of animal species, plants and microorganisms, it means also that all the species, mankind included, have been evolving together influencing each other, sometimes for centuries, everyone with its personal and unique history. For this reason we apply the grassing, sometimes everlasting too, that besides defending the grounds from the erosion, encourage the development of different species of microorganisms which active life in the subsoil. To attract insects which otherwise would have disappeared we have planted 80 meters of flowered bushes for each hectare of vineyard. In the end, to give a refuge to many families of reptiles, we have built some walls typical of the province of Ragusa around the lands. Our experiments in the sustainable agricultural field goes from the use of different blends of leguminous to the use of vegetal bio-coal to regulate the humidity of the grounds during the driest periods and to improve the activity of the microorganisms. Moreover, we are studying the use of oils and vegetal extracts in substitution of copper products and the sulphur, the use of biodegradable materials, and the reduction of sulphites during the production of the wines. We, in Vigna di Pettineo, have no intention to stop our research and progress.

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