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Tenuta Orsumella: The Chianti Classico in our hearts

Tenuta Orsumella is located in Montefiridolfi within the Chianti Classico denomination at 300 meters height above the sea level, it extends for 78 hectares, 25 of which are assigned as vineyard and 11 assigned as olive grove. Territory, viticulture and every day care are wisely locked in a bottle. The Chianti Classico expression indicates the purest and most ancient area of the Chianti region. One of the most well-known and appreciated wine of the world is produced in this restricted area. The Menichetti family, which has reached the third generation now, is now witness of this great tradition, aware of the fact that nowadays the winemakers are the custodians of ancient techniques which have the power to evoke the character and beauty of this ancient land. ORSUMELLA Chianti Classico D.O.C.G. Orsumella wine takes its name directly from the estate's one and it is the expression of its own spirit. An 100% Sangiovese intense and complex wine. CORTE RINIERI Chianti Classico D.O.C.G Riserva Rigorous, respectful of the Chianti Classico traditions, Conte Rinieri knows how to give back the beauty and the perfume of the land from which it comes from. RUBERETO Tuscany I.G.T Produced from the vineyards of the Orsumella estate, Rubereto is a red ruby coloured blend, an intense fruit resulting from the selection of the best grapes.

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La Marca, Land of Prosecco

In 1968 a significant group of winemakers realized the necessity of putting together energies and experiences to safeguard and represent deeply their own productions even in the most far markets. The company has grown year after year working professionally on its quality, public image and territorial typicalness. Nowadays La Marca represents its own associate wine makers's production through certified and guaranteed high quality wines, followed step by step respecting traditions, culture and territory. The DOCG area is a privileged environment for the vine cultivation, it extends among the Conegliano and Valdobbiadene hills, which are hard to cultivate but fascinating lands. The high temperature range between day and night is the ideal condition for the production of fresh, aromatic and elegant sparkling wines

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Diesus Amaro del Frate

The friar's bitter of Diesus a liqueur obtained from the infusion of citrus fruits skins and thirty different types of grass among which gentian, thyme, marjoram and elder are dominant. Gentian makes the liqueur very bitter but the presence of citrus fruits helps to soften and round the taste. As a digestive it is very strong, it has an 18% alcoholic percentage. It is one of the most ancient and complex italian bitter. The bottle shape reminds of a friar, revoking the bitter origins and invention which took place in a Piedmontese convent. Diesus was born during the 60s, from that moment it has always been one of the Barbero top products.

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Podere Castellaccia: " the goodness of the wines is born in the vineyard".

Podere Castellaccia extends for 50 hectares on a hill in front of the sea and the city of Grosseto, precisely in the area that limits the magnificent Maremma game reserve. In this company tradition, agricultural knowledges and cultivation techniques together with the climatic and environmental conditions which exclusively belong to this area, make quality prevail on quantity. The local vine varieties give their best fruit in an area which has the value of having climatic and geomorphological characteristics which are ideal for cultivating vine. The goodness of these wines is born in the vineyard where some interventions on the vines are made in order to obtain low yield and high quality. When the grapes reach an optimal maturation they are selected and rigorously hand-picked. The south-eastern exposition at an height of 100-127 meters above the sea level and the favorable climatic conditions contribute to determine the intense aromas and taste, the vivacity in colour and the high alcoholic percentage which are all characteristics of these wines. Podere Castellaccia top product is Morellino di Scansano is obtained from the vine varieties sangiovese, ciliegiolo, canaiolo and malvasia nera in the traditional types Vitazzaie and Riserva Castellaccia.

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1710 Franciacorta "the first Franciacorta biodynamic wine"

A wine cellar in the province of Brescia , precisely in Cazzago San Martino, where fine wine are refined, but also a project in which the biologic and biodynamic cultivation techniques are the logic consequences of a philosophy that considers the earth a resource to respect and enrich. In one of the most ancient wine producing area (Conti Bettoni Cazzago), a four hectares vineyard surrounded by a XI century walls produces an unique Franciacorta wine, the 1701 Franciacorta Vintage DOCG, Millesimato, in numbered bottles, is processed with the classic method of refermentation in bottle. 1701 Franciacorta Vintage Besides the DOCG, 1701 CuvŔe PremiŔre is a label produced using Franciacorta grapes coming from biological vineyards, processed using the charmat method. " A simple and popular but high quality bottle of sparkling wine", the producers say.

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I am looking for La Marchietta sparkling wine. Made in italy. We had a bottle while on our honeymoon in anacapri at mama giovanna restaurant. We loved it and are looking to buy in the usa. Any help?
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User: Kelly ( 02/01/2017)
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Well worth the money, due to the famous and stylish owner it doesn't betray his class on and off the field.
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User: ( 30/12/2016)
Category/Topic Redeo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo

Is Centre sold in Canada and if so, where can I buy it>
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User: ( 24/12/2016)
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