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MŘller Thurgau Alto Adige DOC

The Trentino Alto-Adige vine varieties benefits from ideal climatic an geological conditions: an Alpine temperate clime, with more than 300 sunny days during the year. The Alps at north protects the region from cold winds, while from south the warm currents from the Mediterranean Sea and the Garda Lake come to brush the vineyards. The high temperature excursions between the day and the night is an important factor to harvest perfectly mature grapes. Each vine variety deserve its own terroir: the volcanic one, the metamorphic rocks, the calcareous rocks and the dolomitics. This grounds variety allows both local and international vien varieties to find the best growth conditions. The MŘller Thurgau is the result of a blend between Riesling and Sylvaner. The bunch is thin, the grapes are green-yellow and very aromatic. A delicate walnut accent is its main peculiarity.

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Lugana CÓ dei Frati: It is a young and fresh wine that always surprises.

The Lugana DOC is a still white wine, deriving only from Trebbiano vine variety cultivated and picked up in the Lugana area, bordering with Lake of Garda. The juice of the grapes pressed with all of their skin is vinified white, that is to say filtered and made ferment in steel barrels: the yeasts naturally present in the grapes and the saccharomyces added transform the wine sugar giving it perfumes and tastes that the gapes didn't know. It is clear, precise, with delicate aromas of yeasts, white flowers, apricot and almond. It can be paired with cold or warm appetizers, as long as light and with a little seasoning, first dishes as soups (served hot), siders like vegetables cooked in the oven or stuffed and of course with lake fishes.

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On the Lake of Garda shores, the agricultural company Pilandro dedicates to the care of the vineyards and the production of high quality wines.

In the heart of the Lugana, on the Lake of Garda shores, the agricultural company Pilandro dedicates to the care of the vineyards and the production of high quality wines. The Pilandro vine grapes are profoundly bounded to their terroir and they take from it their fresh sapidity that distinguish themselves. To maintain intact this connection, the grapes are treated with respect and processed with complete absence of oxygen. The fermentation of the must occurs at controlled temperature, expressing all the most intense characteristics and the well defined aromas of every wine. Sixteen hectares of vineyard surround the wine cellar, in which are transformed grapes exclusively from the Company grounds. Wines: Prodotti Vino Lugana Doc Rosato; Barbera Doc; Barbera Doc Centanni; Bardolino; Settantanni; Merlot Doc Lugana Brut Charmat; Brut metodo Classico Passito Grappa di Lugana bianca; Grappa classica; Grappa invecchiata; Liquore al miele

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Lagrein: king of the Alto Adige

The Lagrein vineyard is a local Alto Adige one, spread all over the Adige Valley where it takes advantage of the high temperature ranges to develop intense and fine perfumes. It is a vine that matures late and the traditional pergola cultivation, to reduce the grapes exposure to the sun, is slowing leaving the place to the espalier cultivation. It is wine-made as a red or rosŔ (Kretzer) The Lagrein is a full-bodied wine, fruity, hot and harmonious, with powerful tannins, that are tamed by long refinement in barrels. Pepper and licorice are easy to sense, but they're always accompanied by a warm fruit that envelops all the palate. This fiery red is produced in all the Trentino Alto Adige, moreover its favorite area is the Bolzano wide valley, particularly in Gries, where once it was the heart of the Lagrein. It is a wine typically to be paired with meats, perfect for the typical recipes of the American bbq as roast beef, bbq ribs, roasted lamb leg, pulled pork, brisket, but it also goes well with canederli and lasagne.

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Torre d'Orti is the expression of the love for the territory and grape cultivation

Placed in the so called enlarged Valpolicella, Torre d'Orti is the expression of the love for the own territory and the cultivation of the grape. The soil composition is peculiar: indeed Torre d'Orti is the point in which the typical Valpolicella red ground is replaced by the white calcareous rock that stands out an high percentage of the enlarged Valpolicella lay of the land. This, together with the height of the vineyards, gives the grapes produced by the company a very important characteristic for the making of aging wines endowed with a great structure: low Ph and an acidity that respects the balance between alcool, tannin structure and pulp. The grape harvest is hand made through many passages, to select the most suited grapes for the wine making. Vinification with a technique that conciliates the artisanal tradition and technological innovations.

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This an excellent prosecco and for the delivered price an absolute bargain. Cannot recommend either the drink or OIP highly enough.
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User: Mike Glover ( 05/06/2018)
Category/Topic PROSECCO D.O.C.G. - LA MARCA

I had this wine in April in Sicily and I love it. Is it sold in the United States?
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User: Becky Engle ( 16/05/2018)
Category/Topic BIANCO DI NERA - Cantina Milazzo

Please advise the year of this wine
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User: ( 26/04/2018)
Category/Topic Roero Arneis Vigne Sparse - GIOVANNI ALMONDO


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