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Agricultural Company Pasquale Pelissero (Piedmont, Langhe): Produces Italian great wines 2017

The Agricultural Company Pasquale Pelissero take care of its vineyards very accurately. It turns into wine only own produced grapes, finishing the wines in a very traditional way, in a 25\30 hl French durmast barrel.

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Mantellassi "Morellino Ambassadors"

Wine Cellar Mantellassi raises few kilometers from Magliano (Tuscany) not far from the sea, near to its vineyards. This allows to bring the grapes to the wine cellar in very short time during the grape harvest in order to preserve all the characteristics. The vineyards extend on the hills of the Fattoria, daily the Sangiovese vine variety but also Alicante, Cabernet Sauvignon, Morellino, Merlot, Canaiolo Nero, Malvasia Nera, Ciliegiolo, Vermentino Bianco, Sauvignon Bianco vine varieties. Fattoria Mantellassi has contributed to the creation of the Morello di Scansano DOC denomination. The wine is produced by the company following technologic standards which aim at the reduction of the environmental impact and obtaining a very genuine product.

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Pietracupa: decise, intese and strong charactered wines. The great expressive soul of Campania.

Pietracupa history begins at the beginning of the 70s, when Peppino Loffedo bought an estate on the Montefredano hill, near Avellino. A comeback to the country made to produce a Final wine. But in 1999 everything changed when the son Sabino took part to the company, so the Pietracupa project. Pietracupa wine cellar is now run by Carmine Valentino, a great Campania white wines and Taurasi interpreter. The Fiano is cultivated all around the the house-wine cellar, on an almost one hectare and a half of clayish-calcareous ground: The Greco is produced from the vineyards near Santa Paolina, an area with a great wine vocation able to give life of great value.

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The Planeta family is a wine, actually many wines

Planeta represents 6 ways of expressing the territory in six different frames. The estates in which wine is produced which are Ulmo a Sambuca di Sicilia, Dispensa a Menfi, Dorilli a Vittoria, Buonivini a Noto, Feudo di Mezzo sull'Etna a Castiglione di Sicilia, and La Baronia a Capo Milazzo correspond to 6 different interpretation of this territory, all of them of the finest quality, able to unite innovation to an historical interpretation of the Sicilian enology.

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Agricultural Company Adamo: A true Sicilian and Biological reality

The company is nowadays totally dedicated to the cultivation of vine and olive tree following true biological methods. The land extends for a wide hill zone of almost 75 hectare, within the DOC Alcamo production zone. Even using modern techniques of processing, the cultivation of olive trees and grapes is made in the total respect of the environment and the territory, a necessary condition to obtain the BIO certificate. The exclusive use of own produced raw materials, the knowledge of the territory, apart from the familiar tradition, make the company one of the best expression of the Sicilian panorama. Vincenzo dedicates the company activities to the production of wine and extra virgin olive oil, in fact, the company estate is placed within the Alcamo Doc and PDO Valli Trapanesi areas.

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I would like to buy/order this wine 9.5 Gold White Brut but as I can see it is not possible . Can you reply to me how can I order this wine, I’m planing to buy 22 boxes.

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User: Nadia ( 19/10/2017)
Category/Topic ASTORIA 9.5 NINE DOT FIVE

Can you ship to the USA?
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User: marty Arenson ( 07/09/2017)
Category/Topic Amarone 2010 - 0.50 cl - CÓ Dei Maghi

I received a bottle of this wine as a present. The bottle was moved in the house by someone, and the Pirlo label that was attached to it has been lost. It is an important present and I wanted to keep the bottle with the label on it. Is there any chance that you could attach a copy of the label to an email, so that I could print out and replace the label?
Many thanks.
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User: Peter Halliday ( 21/08/2017)
Category/Topic Arduo IGP Montenetto - Pratum Coller By Andrea Pirlo


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