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1701 the first biodynamic Franciacorta: the biologic and biodynamic choice as approach to wine-making and life philosophy

The re-discovery of the value of life and the passing of time, agriculture which the origin of everything, the spontaneity and the non forced growth: the Biologic and Biodynamic choice. The grape harvest is rigorously by hand, with a careful selection of the grapes. The Pressing: the soft gentle method allows to obtain only the nectar of the pulp. The Fermentation: the use of local yeasts is privileged, there multiplied through pied de cuve, which is a measure of nutrients, sugar and yeasts. Each vineyard is fermented in separated steel tanks. The wise assembling of the wines coming from the first fermentation, the result of separated wine-makings The Draught: it is made some months after the grape harvest. The wine is bottled and it is ready for the second fermentation, the one that gives birth to the bobbles. To activate the so called "foam taking", as a draught liqueur, privileging the use of our must preserved during the grape harvest. The Refining: the euphoria taken from the foam ends, during that the yeasts have transformed sugar and alcohol in carbon dioxide, now it's time to refine. The autolysis if yeasts which dissolve releasing perfumes and tastes. The bottles rest for 30 months at least.

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The Bisol, wine makers in Valdobbiadena for 5 centuries

The presence of the Bisol family in the heart of the historical prosecco production area, that is to say the territory named “Chartice”, is witnessed since the XVI century. Nowadays Bisol Agricultural Company vineyards are positioned on 20 estates among the hills which go from Valdobbiadene to Conegliano, the most adapt area to the denomination. A territory divided in multiple small pieces, in fact the average extension of each property is little more than one hectare. These are productive realities in which the different phases of the production are often made by different small companies. The knowledge of these peculiarities of the territory allows to comprehend the importance of Bisol added value: one of the very few agricultural companies which manages directly the entire production processes, from the careful choice of the ground to the bottling. This allows always to guarantee the best quality thanks to the rigorous controls. An exclusive uniqueness is the estate on the top of the Cartizze hill: an area of particular value thanks to the continuous ventilation and the sandy nature of the ground. 140 owners divide the 106 hectares of the Cartizze hill, and the value of the ground has reached very high quotations: more than 2,5 million of Euros per hectare.
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Cantina Paltrinieri is a family-run agricultural company which have been dedicating to the production of Lambrusco di Corbara doc for three generations

When you go in Paltrinieri Wine Cellar you immediately meet the balanced contrast between the ancient traditions and modern production techniques. The fundamental processes of the local wine making traditions are here interpreted scrupulously within a context that respects the strictest normatives as it concern the environment protection and the wealth of the consumers.
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From passion and tradition the agricultural and artisanal beer Julia is born in Friuli Venezia Giulia

The Zorzettig brothers Marco and Massimo, who have long wine making traditions, are facing the new world of the microbreweries with the purpose of giving value to the own property seeds: 14 hectares of barley for the production of malt and nearly 2 hectares of wheat to produce the white beer (wizen). It is not a coincidence that the brewery is in San Pietro al Nastione: there water gushes from the Mia Mount, it is pure and uncontaminated, this is a very important factor to determine the quality of the beer. The brewery is fully energetically independent: the energy used for the production comes directly from renewable sources.
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Capichera: the first of the world to wine make the Vermentino in barrique

The Capichera vineyards are set in the northern area of Sardinia called Gallura. It is a zone whose characteristics and geological characteristics have determined the typical landscape, full of granite rocks, from whose dissolution sandy soils are obtained, melted, from acid to sub acid, rich in potassium but poor of phosphor and nitrogen. Fermentino is a vineyard heritage which has its election territory in Gallura, on lands close to the sea. Fabrizio and Mario Ragnedda made Vermentino become their most representative wine, reaching in the 80s-90s a position of leadership in the Italian market. For the history and quality of its wines Capichera is considered the world reference point for the Vermentino. The Capichera VT id one of the highest expression of the Capichera white wine. Born from the intuition that this great wine grape, wine-made in French durmast, could give life to an original and fine white wine, the VT is the result of the assembling of wines from the single vineyards placed within the historical estate.

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I have 8 bottles of Sassicaia 2002 750 ml. Would you be interested in purchasing them?
If not could you let me know what they are worth.
David Osborne
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User: ( 30/05/2017)
Category/Topic SASSICAIA 2002 1.5LT

The nicest & great quality prosecco at an unbelievable great price. Highly recommended!
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User: Martin Dore ( 14/04/2017)
Category/Topic PROSECCO D.O.C.G. - LA MARCA

I am looking for La Marchietta sparkling wine. Made in italy. We had a bottle while on our honeymoon in anacapri at mama giovanna restaurant. We loved it and are looking to buy in the usa. Any help?
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User: Kelly ( 02/01/2017)
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