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Diesus Amaro del Frate

The friar's bitter of Diesus a liqueur obtained from the infusion of citrus fruits skins and thirty different types of grass among which gentian, thyme, marjoram and elder are dominant. Gentian makes the liqueur very bitter but the presence of citrus fruits helps to soften and round the taste. As a digestive it is very strong, it has an 18% alcoholic percentage. It is one of the most ancient and complex italian bitter. The bottle shape reminds of a friar, revoking the bitter origins and invention which took place in a Piedmontese convent. Diesus was born during the 60s, from that moment it has always been one of the Barbero top products.

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Firriato Wine Cellar: producing high quality and perfectly mature grapes

The whole management of the vineyards undergoes a rigorous regime due to the BIO organic certification. As a consequence no treatments, chemical analysis or fertilizer. On the contrary a viticulture that manage the plants naturally, foreseeing the risks and finding better cultivation solutions in order to reach the first task of the company: producing high quality, healthy and perfectly mature grapes. The work, in every detail, is regulated to guarantee the final consumer an authentically Sicilian wine , safe and certified, reflecting the territory where it was born and the organoleptic excellence of grapes it is made up of.

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Prosecco Superiore Conegliano Valdobbiadene:Prosecco superiore since 1986

It's history began in Conegliano Valdobbiadene, an hill area in the North East of Italy, 50km far from Venice and almost 100 from Dolomites. Here since three centuries the grapes that give birth to Prosecco Superiore have been cultivating. The production area, that extends on 15 districts and represents the heart of the Prosecco world, is an historic Italian denomination recognized in 1969. In 2009, with the reorganization of the Prosecco denominations, the Ministry of Agriculture classifies Prosecco as DOCG (Denomination of Origini Controlled and Guaranteed), the highest Italian qualitative level. It is sided by the DOCG Asolo and DOC Prosecco, extended on 9 provinces of Veneto and Friuli Venezia Giulia, created to safeguard the Prosecco grape heritage and protect it throughout the world. The Prosecco Superiore is an Italian sparkling white wine endowed with a lively elegance, floral and fruit perfumes. Fresh, versatile and with a moderate alcohol content, the Conegliano Valdobbiadene is ideal for many occasions.

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Pratum Coller: A project, an experience, an idea

Satisfied for his long and glorious career as a footballer, Andrea Pirlo has started a new challenge with the Pratum Coller. Passion for wine and nature has always been one of his personal traits, but here he became personally vine grower and entrepreneur in the enology world. He has started this in the province of Brescia, running a project were the quality and the uniqueness of wines combine with the company philosophy "man measured"; where words as organic, low environmental impact and biodiversity are at the centre of the project. An alternative experience, but really for this reason unusual and outstandingly innovative, he's managing this sided by a staff endowed with great experience, people who after many years of professional work have found new motivations in this project. Andrea Pirlo's company produces nearly 30 thousand bottles per year (white, red and ros). In 2019 the sparkling wine will make its debut with two classic method: a ros Pinot noir and a Brut produced with Chardonnay grapes. The Eos, a ros with a mid structure, has been the first wine produced by the Pratum Coller, while among the other wines stands out the Nitor, a Tebbiano of Lugana finely aromatic with a good sapidity, and the Arduo, the top red wine of the company. The name of this wine (with means arduous) represents the motto of the family " reaching goals overcoming difficulties", the wine is intense, elegant produced with Sangiovese and Marzemino grapes with a little part of Merlot and Cabernet Sauvignon made in separated vinification, first in French barrique and then in iron.

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Mller Thurgau Alto Adige DOC

The Trentino Alto-Adige vine varieties benefits from ideal climatic an geological conditions: an Alpine temperate clime, with more than 300 sunny days during the year. The Alps at north protects the region from cold winds, while from south the warm currents from the Mediterranean Sea and the Garda Lake come to brush the vineyards. The high temperature excursions between the day and the night is an important factor to harvest perfectly mature grapes. Each vine variety deserve its own terroir: the volcanic one, the metamorphic rocks, the calcareous rocks and the dolomitics. This grounds variety allows both local and international vien varieties to find the best growth conditions. The Mller Thurgau is the result of a blend between Riesling and Sylvaner. The bunch is thin, the grapes are green-yellow and very aromatic. A delicate walnut accent is its main peculiarity.

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